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Chhena Poda Easy Recipe

Chhena Poda Easy Recipe

This Chhena Poda easy recipe is probably the simplest dessert recipe one can think of. Made with just three ingredients, I hope you will definitely give it a try.
Chhena Poda is a delicious and classic dessert from the state of Odisha in India. The traditional version of this soft and delicate dessert uses fresh chhena. But in this Chhena Poda Easy Recipe, Instead of Chhena or fresh cheese, Ricotta cheese has been used.

Ranga Alur Puli Pithe,  Festival Delicacy from Bengal

Ranga Alur Puli Pithe, Festival Delicacy from Bengal

Explore a No- Fry version of Ranga Alur Puli Pithe, Sweet Potato dumplings, which is a festival delicacy from Bengal. It is customary to make this dessert during the festival of Makar Sankranti which is just few days away. This delicious dessert is an offering from Bengal. Come Sankranti or Poush Sankranti, it is the customary pithe time in the eastern part of India. Every household prepares many different varieties of pithe. Ranga Alu means sweet Potato in Bangla.