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No-Bake Vegan Mini Tarts,  Gluten Free Tarts

No-Bake Vegan Mini Tarts, Gluten Free Tarts

This recipe for No-Bake Vegan Mini Tarts is inspired by Indian Chikki which is a delicious hard candy made of roasted nuts and jaggery.
But this recipe is simpler than chikki as it requires no cooking or baking, no close monitoring of jaggery syrup to get perfect consistency. This is a very forgiving recipe. Plus I have tried to make a healthy filling using Avocado. If Avocado is not easily available in your region, then feel free to replace it with ripe banana or sweet potato.

Corn Patties Mahabaleshwar Style

Corn Patties Mahabaleshwar Style

Mahabaleshwar Style Corn Patties are famous street food from this the largest hill station in the Sahyadri range of Maharashtra state. Come monsoon and you can smell the aroma of fresh corn patties from every nook and corner of Mahabaleshwar.